February 2021

Acting Chief Executive Officer

Abdulnaser Y. Alfulaij
Dear Colleagues,

The Kuwait Oil Tanker Company (KOTC) has been able to maintain a prominent position among the international companies working in the field of transporting oil and its derivatives during the past years to date, thanks to God Almighty and the great and distinguished efforts by the employees of this company in their various specializations.
Since its establishment, the Kuwait Oil Tanker Company has been keen to provide basic rules for work ethics, and one of the most important of these ethics is that we seek to promote and preserve the concern for the human element, by creating a healthy work environment that ensures the development of employees. Moreover, it motivates them to contribute in achieving joint success through clarity, as well as always making every effort to give them the best opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge in order to help them carry out their jobs better.
The company is working on finding best ways to enable our employees to reach and achieve their maximum potential and create a culture that enhances our ethics and ensures that we have the right employees, who are highly skilled and who work in jobs fitting to their abilities and achieve their maximum in the quality of work.
The company also seeks to apply the ethics of partnership in work in order to improve the company's ability to deal with unexpected changes, facilitate production processes, create good communication, and contribute to enabling teams to reach their best productivity and capabilities. As well as the partnership also makes the team reach a level of understanding of the common goals they aspire to and helps to innovate and improve the flexibility of the organization.
Accordingly, we hope that everyone will adhere to and preserve the ethics of work in order to make the company continue on its path to continued success.

Abdul Nasser Yousef Al Fulaij
Acting CEO

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