Acting Chief Executive Officer

Khaled Ahmed Al-Sabah

As Acting CEO of Kuwait Oil Tanker Company, I seize this opportunity to express my deep thanks and appreciation for the confidence granted the Boards of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and Kuwait Oil Tanker Company. By doing so, they have put a great responsibility on our shoulders to proceed with the progress and breakthroughs that the company has achieved over the past years.

Initially, I am pleased to be a member of the teamwork whose main job is to maintain the development and success of the company achieved by the national highly-qualified workforce that the company is keen to encourage. Similarly, the company applies several methods to attract such workforce who work to benefit the country, as well as carrying on providing competent marine personnel who serve its operational operations, including organizing internships periodically for purpose of developing the performance of the staff to work on tankers’ deck, devoting attention to apply foreign scholarships, since that the company saves no effort to send students to the most prestigious universities and academies across the globe to be qualified scientifically and practically and to go ahead with developing their potential to be in compliant with the successive global changes and developments in field of maritime. It’s worth to noting that after the end of their academic studies, they get training on board on the company's tankers to gain experience, and get used to the lifestyle on board. Technically speaking, the company is looking forward to increasing the number of national cadres, in all areas, in addition to enhancing their skills to be able to compete in the international maritime field.

Managing a fleet of tankers loaded with hydrocarbons sailing around the world is not a piece of cake, as it is completely different from managing a fixed facility on the ground. Consequently, Kuwait Oil Tanker Company is obsessed with applying state-of-art international safety standards to guarantee that shipping, transportation and unloading operations are carried out without accidents. Similarly, the company is keen on ensuring the arrival of oil to KPC clients as per the agreed dates with the required accuracy, that’s why we see the company achieving stunning success concerning to overcoming this challenge as it has been established that the company makes the best use of highly qualified marine national cadres who constantly to ensure the arrival of Kuwaiti oil to KPC clients on time and at the lowest cost, which made KOTC enjoy a solid reputation worldwide in various fields, including the field of security and safety, and policies of successful management of the national fleet.

The predictable look of Kuwait Oil Tanker Company has no limits, as the company, despite the considerable breakthroughs that it has achieved during the past years, adding to the global estimates that recognize its efforts in the maritime industry, it still aspires to achieve more successes, strengthen the position it has reached, and continue to lead the vanguard of maritime transport, petroleum materials, and liquefied gas. Thanks to the support of the political leadership, sound vision, and good planning, besides the constructive cooperation between the company and Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, “Kuwait Oil Tankers” company will move forward in rendering its services at international standards by Kuwaiti cadres that have experience and ambition in a manner that reflects pride and honor.

Khaled Ahmed Al-Sabah
Acting CEO

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